EA is Satisfied with the Sales of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch?

Apparently the version of FIFA 18 for the new console of the great N was not a disappointment in sales, despite its little content.

We all know that FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch has been the definitive test to know if EA continues to launch games for this console. In own words of the declarations of the director general of Nintendo France, Philippe Lavoué, and this test would have been a resounding success. Reason why, we can expect more EA games (even Madden NFL 18) for Switch in the future.

In a recent interview, Mr. Lavoué stated that EA “is satisfied” with the sales achieved by FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. In fact, he mentions that FIFA 18 has managed to sell 73,000 copies (in Switch, and without including digital figures) only in France, and that for the next installment, focused on the Russian World Cup, it is expected that this figure will even double.

Undoubtedly, this is good and excellent news for all FIFA lovers who are owners of a Nintendo Switch. Surely the version of FIFA 19 will be equal to its counterparts on Xbox One and PS4 and who knows, maybe even choose to introduce new mechanics and special movements with the Joycon or even the use of Nintendo Labo. Can you imagine a shoe made of cardboard to shoot penalties with greater precision?

We are drawing early conclusions and we must wait a little longer. So for now we can only enjoy cheap FIFA 18 coins and wait for the update of the World Cup in Russia, which is closer than you think. Actually we are just some days away from the update.

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